Is a leading provider of valves for the energy and industrial markets.

Is a young dynamic company with extensive knowledge, broad experience and thorough understanding of our customers business.

Is strategically designed to serve our clients with all the advantages of the internet and its physical distribution network.

Is driven to provide our customers with good quality products at competitive prices.

Is your online supply chain for valves.

Making a Request for Quotation from Valvefarm is easy. First, register and login in Valvefarm. Select the products and the quantity you need and click “Add to cart“. When you have finished your selection please click on the button “Continue“. Then you will be redirected to the page “Request confirmation“ which is a summary of your requested quote. Once you submit your quote confirmation  you will receive the offer from Valvefarm within the next days.

For urgent requests, note that the stock of valves is available in international markets and we advise placing orders immediately due to big rotation of our stock.

It is not necessary to register to navigate and visualize the stock of valves.
It is necessary to register and login to receive a quotation.

The prices of the valves will be included in the quotation.

The prices offered will be Ex-works our warehouses. Valvefarm can provide an estimate of delivery costs if required.
The request can be done in the quotation request.

We can deliver materials to any country, except those countries with veto by USA and EU.

The Terms & Conditions will be defined in the quotation. In some cases a negotiation will be needed.

Each manufacturer will have an specific warranty for their products.

You can send us an email with all the technical details of required valves and we will send you a quotation with the estimated delivery.
Please send your request to: sales@valvefarm.com

Even if the nature of our business model is selling stock valves, we can also provide quotes with special requirements.
Please send your project information to: sales@valvefarm.com

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